The House Demolition Service You Can Rely on for Professional Results

Do you have a property that needs to be demolished? Don’t let any stranger do it for you. Instead, get a house demolition service to do it right. There are a lot of risks when removing a building or home. When done right, it is an easy way to remove a structure right away. However, if done wrong, it can lead to accidents and serious injuries.

Demolition Company

Demolition Company

The company that does professional demolition is TJRS LLC. Based in Toledo, OH, we take care of removing residential and commercial properties with ease. Aside from this, we are known for our sewer installation. When you require any of these services, you can rely on us to do an awesome job.


Our commercial demolition contractor has the training and license for the job. With years of experience, we are confident that we are able to take care of your property. It requires a lot of manpower and equipment to do a solid job, after all. We equip our contractors with everything they need to complete the job, too.


You should never be careless when doing a demolition job. With our team, we follow appropriate standards and protocol to ensure a clean job. We follow the best procedures to avoid disasters. Turn to a demolition team that is professional and meticulous.


For homeowners out there, we also have a residential demolition contractor available. We use different techniques in removing your house. Also, the tools we use are apt for the job. When you are considering rebuilding on your land, get us to remove the old house for you.


Catch Basin Installation

Catch basins use a grate to collect water and debris from the street and adjacent area, such as sticks, leaves, and other small objects. Catch basins can do wonders for removing excess water and preventing flood damage to adjacent homes and businesses when a community is flooded.

Manhole Installation

Simply stated, manhole shields contribute to the maintenance of a safe work environment for employees. It offers protection in numerous methods. Specifically, it is intended to provide protection on the third and fourth sides of a trench or excavation. Manhole shields are also advantageous because they safeguard the worker while he is working on the project.

You can avail of our demolition service by dialing (419) 973-9375. Let our team of experts take care of removing your structure. Turn to the expert in demolition for a safe service. For all your demolition needs, TJRS LLC is the choice for you. Avoid shady contractors to prevent injuries and other serious damages.

A functional plumbing system is essential for any residence. When your sewer line is damaged or malfunctioning, the value of your residence can decrease by thousands of dollars. Putting in a new sewer line increases the value of your home because purchasers will not have to worry about immediate repairs. Additionally, professionally installed sewer lines give you peace of mind and prevent you from fretting about future plumbing issues.

Once every 18 to 22 months, your sewer lines should be cleansed. However, if you have been experiencing recurring issues with your wastewater lines, you should contact our company immediately. Our team uses high-quality equipment to comprehensively assess the condition of your pipes, locate any cracks or obstructions, and quickly locate the source of the issue.

Our services are available to property owners in Toledo, OH. Call us right away, the demolition professional, so we can inspect and assess your property. Don’t dilly-dally and get us to remove your old structure.

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