The Sewer Contractor That Is Capable of Handling Any Job

As a sewer contractor, we can help you with the installation of your sewerage. We from TJRS LLC have been in business for over 15 years and during that time we have carried out numerous projects of different magnitude. The sole common thing between all these jobs is that we have completed them with flying colors. We are the favored specialists of both Toledo, OH residents and business owners because we operate with utter professionalism and in complete accordance with the highest standards of the industry.


Choose a System and We Will Install It


We can install any type of sewerage systems, including:


  • Sanitary sewer

  • Storm sewer

  • Combined sewer

  • Lateral sewer

  • House sewer

  • Submain sewer

  • Outfall sewer


The job will be executed by our accomplished technicians who are masters of their craft. At TJRS LLC, we have a company policy to always given a 110% effort. Our modus operandi is tailored in such fashion because we know that being all in is the only way to remain on the top of this competitive industry.


Cost-Effective Installation Fees


Our sewer installation rates are reasonable and suitable for even the narrowest budgets. We calculate our prices in regard to the exclusive details of each project. This way we are not only able to maintain an excellent balance between our service fees and their quality but also have an edge over our rivals, as we offer to our clients the best value for their money.


Comprehensive Sewer Services


Aside from helping you with the installation of your sewerage, we will happily lend you a hand with its maintenance by conducting repairs when necessary and replacing pipes that have been subjected to heavy usage. As a sewer contractor, we aim to provide a complete service package to our clients because it is the least that we can do in order to repay the trust that they have in us.

Make us your sewer contractor now by call (419) 973-9375. We are impatience to meet you and work on your project in Toledo, OH.