After Our Sewer Repair Service, Your Property Will Again Be Fresh Smelling

A broken sewer pipe can lead to foul smell and spreading infections. TJRS LLC has been in the business of

sewer repair

and demolition services since 2002. For all this time we have built a reputation of a trusted and reliable company in Toledo, OH. We are excited to help any new commercial or residential property owner. Our company gives special offers and a budget-friendly price. Ask for more details at (419) 973-9375 and we will give you an appointment with our specialist.

We will not wait for you to tell us what is the problem. Our expert will perform a complete inspection and discover the root cause of the issue. Our team will find any corrosion, crack, or leak. We will perform our sewer


and replace the pipe or the entire system if necessary. It doesn’t matter if the pipes are underground or behind the walls because we will dig and find them. Once the issue is fixed we will restore everything to its original condition. We offer a sewer service warranty that is up to 2 years.




sewer repair

is a complex and precise service. We use top quality materials for all fixes. This way we can guarantee excellent work and high customer satisfaction. Our clients have no issues with the system after we are done. Our services’ excellent results are guaranteed by the workmanship and a team that excels in knowledge and experience. We use a top-notch equipment. Leave everything to us! Everything we do aims to allow our clients to live in a healthy, clean, and foul smell-free environment.


Take our advice and trust the sewer repairs to the professionals! We are ready to install, repair, and keep your sewer and plumbing systems in excellent condition. Call us and we will offer you our expert demolition services. We are ready to assist all residential or business clients in Toledo, OH!