Tell Tale Signs of Sewer Issues and How to Fix Them

Tips From a Sewer Repair Expert



The sewer lines beneath your home are considered to be one of the hidden lifelines of your house. These complex systems carry water and wastes outside your house. If there are leaks in your pipes, the water might end up somewhere in your basement or in your law. When this happens, it can cause water damage and gives you inconvenience by the foul stench it releases into the atmosphere. Hence, it’s better to keep your eyes peeled for signs that your sewer is about to leak, crack or burst to avoid the inconvenience it can cause to you, your family, and even your neighbors. Here are some telltale signs according to a sewer repair expert:



Draining seems slow

When you take a shower in the bathroom and notice that the drain isn’t sucking the water in quickly or when you use the toilet and notice that it doesn’t drain the water fast enough when you flush it, there seems to be a problem in the drainage. It’s an obvious sign that there’s something stuck in your sewerage system.


The fix

Don’t use harsh chemicals to dissolve the debris or whatever causing the clog. Whether it’s a soap, your pet dog, or your ex-lovers handkerchief, a chemical solution won’t work. Instead, you need to remove it manually. If you don’t know what to do, it’s best if you call a sewer repair expert to do the job for you.


Weird water reactions

Your sewer system is complex, yet interconnected. When there are unusual water reactions, it’s already a red flag that something’s wrong with your plumbing or sewerage system. One of the most common abnormal water signs is that when your bathroom drain overflows every time you flush the toilet.


The fix

You need to call your plumbing expert for inspection and possible sewer restoration.

It’s good to know some of the most common and subtle signs of sewer and plumbing problems to avoid a major headache in the future. If you need sewer repair, contact TJRS LLC in Toledo, OH for quick and effective services in the area. Feel free to call us at (419) 973-9375 to know more.

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