Tools and Equipment Used in a Demolition Project

Tools and Equipment Used in a Demolition Project

What a Demolition Contractor Must Have

Whether you are having a small house demolished or a big building, there is something that you need. You have to hire a demolition contractor. Since there are a lot of tools and equipment needed for a demolition project, it is wise if you hire the experts. There are some tools and equipment that should be handled correctly. If not, it might cause an accident or damage. Here are the tools and equipment demolition contractors invest in.

Power Tools

These tools are operated using electricity or battery. Only demolition specialists are allowed to handle these tools. They went through a training so they can safely handle these tools.

Jackhammers – used to demolish any masonry or concrete parts of the building. This is the easiest way to deal with masonry and concrete because it has enough force to bust out these solid materials.

Reciprocating Saw – it can cut through nail-embedded wood and steel because of the back and forth motion of the blade. The demolition contractor invests in quality braids to ensure safety and efficiency.

Circular Saw – if there are parts of the structure that has to be torn apart, this will do the job. It can cut through any type of material. The demolition specialist handling the circular saw knows the right direction to saw to ensure no one will get hurt.

Hand Tools

You might have some of these tools in your garage, but some of them are bigger than the usual. Since they are used for big demolition projects, they are usually bigger.

Snips – used to cut electrical lines or any connecting lines. They are used to cut window trims and HVAC ducts.

Bars – flat bars and crowbars are the ones you will find during demolitions. They are used to pry on nails, shingles, flooring, and others.

Pliers and Nippers – the pliers are used to cut electrical wires and remove nails. They are used to cut through wires like interlinked fences.

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